Additional Testimonials

Very professional. Clean facilities. Nice front desk staff.

Kathleen L

Very pleasant, from Dr Brooks down to his staff. My son was very comfortable for Dr Brooks to do the procedure on him.

Dylan N

Dr Brooks was excellent. He took pictures of the reason I came in to compare for my follow up in two months. Wonderful!

Brittany B

Excellent and helpful provider knowledgeable and took time to answer all my questions

Verified Patient

He prides himself in his work, personalizes treatment, has a great staff and his center has ample parking, a modern feel and state-of- the-art facilities. I will be back, and often, and happy about it! Dr. Brooks is excellent. I’ll be sending more people his way, for sure!! Patients in my practice are always looking for a great dermatologist. I have dark complexion, required a special approach and he was knowledgeable about it. Well done, Dr. Brooks!!

Daryl M

Very professional and took the time to explain everything. I had a poison oak rash, and he thoroughly examined me to make sure it was not something more serious. He also took the time to do a cancer screen, and gave me some samples on skin care products.

Mauricio H

Dr. Brooks’ kindness and care doesn’t go unnoticed, because of his huge heart he went out of his way to make a spot for my daughter when there wasn’t one.


Dr. Brooks took great care of me; he diagnosed my skin cancer early and gave me great advice moving forward.


Dr. Brooks took such great care of both my son and I. He took the time to make sure we were doing well and that my son got his medicine.


I am so thankful for all of Dr. Brooks support and encouragement!


He showed me an incredible amount of kindness; it meant more to me than he could know.


Dr. Brooks is a talented Dermatologist and a wonderful man.


I am so grateful for Dr. Brooks’s excellent care and courtesies.


Dr. Brooks treated me with generosity and kindness in my situation, I am so thankful for the support and skill he gave in keeping me healthy.


Dr. Brooks took the time to see me even when I didn’t have an appointment; he saw me in between patients and gave me a great solution.


I would like to nominate Dr. Brooks as the sweetest, most caring Dermatologist in Long Island!


He laughed with me, and answered my random, frazzled questions. He is a gifted Dermatologist who is loved by his patients.


Dr. Brooks always paid close attention and came up with the right solutions.


I appreciate the excellent, thorough work that Dr. Brooks does; he has such caring warmth with his patients. He is the best Dermatologist I have ever had!


Dr. Brooks was so generous with the way he treated me, and has a gentle and steady touch.