Pediatric Dermatology

Healthy skin… Starts from the beginning

We understand that kids are not “little adults”. Certain dermatologic conditions are unique to children, and diseases sometimes present differently in children than in adults. Even more importantly, caring for children takes a unique approach that can’t be developed by seeing a few pediatric patients.


Atopic Dermatitis

Birth Marks

Cradle Cap

Diaper Dermatitis



Molluscum Contagiosum

Viral Rash


Dr. Steven Jacob Brooks’ pediatric dermatology practice is here to serve your community of Manhasset, Great Neck, Roslyn and other areas throughout Long Island and Queens. Dr. Steven Jacob Brooks is well experienced in diagnosing and treating skin ailments in children of all ages. He has a warm, playful, non-threatening bedside manner that makes your children very comfortable from the beginning. He likes to perform magic tricks for his younger patients to make them feel more at ease and get them excited about returning to his office for follow-up. Dr. Steven Jacob Brooks understands the challenges of special needs children and finds ways to connect with them on an individual level. Whether your child has eczema, a skin infection, a rash, or a questionable mole; Dr. Brooks will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan that everyone can understand and follow. Whether talking about using moisturizers or sunscreens, He likes to explain the importance of skin care to his younger patients. Dr. Brooks has non-painful but effective techniques for fast treatment and clearance of warts or molluscum, so your child will not fear future visits. Dr. Steven Jacob Brooks understands the significance of having bad acne in adolescence. Acne can be very devastating on a teenager’s moral, self-confidence, and social interaction. Dr. Brooks believes acne is not only a cosmetic concern, but also a medical condition that can lead to depression and poor self-image. Treating acne early and aggressively will not only decrease the chance of having permanent scars but also improve your teen’s self image. Enhanced self-confidence will lead to healthier personal and business relationships and thus more successful careers and life-styles. For your convenience Dr. Brooks pediatric dermatology practice serves the Manhasset, Great Neck, Roslyn and other areas throughout Long Island and Queens.