Monochromatic UVB light has established itself for the treatment
of various autoimmune skin diseases. The EXCIMER 308 SYSTEM is small, handy treatment solution for intense monochromatic UVB phototherapy. With 308nm, it applies the same wavelength as an excimer laser and achieves identical results1, but without expensive, bulky laser technology. Treatments with the EXCIMER 308 SYSTEM are especially intense and effective. The powerful system with its 16 cm2 spot precisely targets the lesions, leaving healthy skin unexposed.
Established for Psoriasis
The EXCIMER 308 SYSTEM achieves excellent results for psoriasis, identical to those of an excimer laser which is clinically proven. The targeting of localized, persistent psoriasis plaques allows high dose treatments for fast visible results and high patient satisfaction. The surrounding, healthy tissue is spared.
Preferred for Vitiligo
Monochromatic UVB light is described as an effective approach for the treatment of vitiligo with few side effects.3,4 The handheld EXCIMER 308 SYSTEM gets results in vitiligo treatments that match those of a laser.